Billys 2008 Album Doing OK, Limited stock available. 15 Songs including the moving Everything I Needed to Say, Pizza For One, St Genevieve and duets with Rebecca Lee Nye and Kelly Cooper

1. Little Miss Understood
2. Who's been drinking my beer
3. Everything I Needed to Say
4. Pizza For One
5. Doin' Ok
6. If it Hadn't Felt Like Rain
7. I Drink for Pleasure
8. When You're Gone (with Rebecca Lee Nye)
9. The Richest Man
10. Broken Heart
11. St Genevieve
12. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone

Bonus Tracks
13. Stumblin' In (with Kelly Cooper)
14. Little Bitty Kiss
15. St Genevieve (refrain)

Doin' Ok


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