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Stories Through Time

Stories through time will be available in the next week and i thought id share with you the story that is "Stories Through Time".

Over the past 15 years as an independent musician i have recorded 5 albums, won many independent awards and had songs on TV and recorded by many artists. This is the 6th Billy Bridge album but is the first where I can put my name against every song.

The album is a journey through history, places and people's lives and Ive attempted to capture unique stories that wil resonate with many people. Listening to the album will be like sitting and reading a good book, you will enjoy the music as it has been crafted by great musicians but it is the stories that will intrigue. It may send you on a further journey of discovery or simply send you back to song 1 on completion.

Recorded at Townsville's Parkway Studios it is the first full album out of this state of the art complex. With masterful Producton from Mick Lockhart and an amazing team of Australian and International Musicians it brings these stories to a new life for you to enjoy.

I am proud to call this my best work to date and hope that you all enjoy the journey with me.

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